Meet Our Team


Dr. LaKeisha Batts, Ph.D. - Immunologist, Tutor & Owner

Dr. LaKeisha Batts is a biomedical research scientist with over ten years of research experience and brain child of Science Unlimited, LLC. She recieved her B.A. in Biology from Rice University and a Ph.D. in Pathology and Immunology from Baylor College of Medicine. She completed her post doctoral training as a Kellogg Health Scholar Fellow in the Dorothy I. Height Center for Health Equity & Evaluation Research at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Her research interests include: Immune Responses, Asthma/Allergy, Health Disparities, Health Literacy and Barriers In STEAM Education. She is also the mother of two budding scientists and is an active participant in educational outreach throughout her community.

Favorite  Quote: "The world is a possibility if only you'll discover it." - Ralph W. Ellison  





Lori Banks, Ph.D. - Biochemist, Microbiologist & Tutor

Dr. Lori Banks is a scientist-educator with more than a decade of  experience in molecular biomedical science. She received her B.S. in Biology from Prairie View A&M University, and her Ph.D. in Molecular Virology and Microbiology from Baylor College of Medicine. Her research interest are focused on host-pathogen interactions and infectious disease related drug discovery. As an educator, she has used her life and laboratory experience to create relateable science curricula for Pre-K and university students. Outside of work, Dr. Banks is heavily involved in science outreach and education programs through her sorority and church.

Favorite  Quote:  "When people show you who they are believe them the first time." -Maya Angelou





Charletha V. Irvin Joseph, Ph.D. - Molecular Biologist & Tutor

Dr. Charletha V. Irvin Joseph is a scientist-educator-entrepreneur with 14 years of experience in molecular science. She received her B.S. in Biological Science and Psychology from Alabama State University, and her Ph.D. in Microbial Pathogenesis and Immune Response and Molecular Genetics from Meharry Medical College. Her research interests focus on therapeutic targets for native molecular eradication of disease. As an educator, she has used her experience in both the corporate and laboratory settings to broaden the perception of what a scientist looks like and can do. Outside of work, Dr. Irvin Joseph is heavily involved in technologic discovery and fostering STEM education to young girls. 

Favorite  Quote:  "Stars need darkness in order to shine...we all have a chapter of our lives we don't read out loud.  Never be ashamed of your past circumstances, they are what made you who you are today."  -Unknown Adaptation




Nelson Hawkins, M.S. - Geneticist & Tutor

Nelson Hawkins Jr. is an education administration professional with over ten combined years of experience in biomedical science and instructor.  He obtained his B.S. in Biology from Dillard University, and later obtained an M.S. in Molecular and Human Genetics from Baylor College of Medicine.  He is currently serving as educational administration support at Houston Methodist Hospital.  As an educator, he has taught Chemistry at the high school level, and has been a registered science and mathematics tutor at every level of study he has been in.  Outside of work, Mr. Hawkins is conscientiously involved in bringing character development and employment programs to the inner-city, mentorship of youth, and serves on the advisory board for multiple nonprofit organizations.

Favorite  Quote: "Always examine your situation. Everything deserves a thorough examination. Preconceived ideas are poison." -Self Quote



Hector Sandoval, Ph.D. - Immunologist & Tutor

Dr. Hector Sandoval is a bilingual scientist-educator with more than a decade of experience in multiple areas of biomedical science such as molecular, genetic and immunological. He is a first generation Mexican American scientist, who received his B.S. in Biology from Baylor University, and his Ph.D. in Immunology from Baylor College of Medicine. His research interest are focused on development of immunological vaccines against infectious disease and cancer. As an educator, he has used his laboratory experience to create relate-able science curricula for high school and undergraduate students. Outside of work, Dr. Sandoval is heavily involved in science outreach and education programs.
Favorite  Quote:  "You can plan a perfect picnic, but you can't predict the weather." - Andre 3000 




Adrienne Spelmon, B.S. - STEAM Lab Design Consultant

Adrianne Spelmon is a 2006 graduate of Prairie View A & M University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Criminal Justice.  Her resume includes experience as a Certifying Scientist in a private toxicology laboratory.  She is a wife and mother of 2, bilingual in English/Spanish, and is proud to have served the citizens of Harris County in the field of Environmental Public Health for the past five and a half years. Science was one of her favorite subjects in school, and she always enjoyed completing science projects. She was introduced to an advanced STEM curriculum at DeBakey High School for Health Professions where she graduated with Honors.  As a result, her current endeavors include a certification program to teach Science/Math. Adrianne is passionate about a 'hands on' educational approach, and strongly believes that practical application translates into more in-depth     comprehension. In her spare time, she immerses herself into  various types of concept design which includes but is not limited to 'out of the box' party planning. She also enjoys community service projects and attributes much of her involvement in public service to her beloved sorority Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. She hopes to inspire students to reach their full potential by encouraging them to find innovative ways to apply their 'gifts' to the subjects they love.

Favorite  Quote: "Our deepest fear is NOT that we are inadequate...our deepest fear is that we are POWERFUL beyond measure.  We ask ourselves who are we to be beautiful, talented, intelligent and gorgeous? Actually, who are we not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us, and when we let out own light shine we unconsciously give others permission to do the same thing."  - Marianne Williamson